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2019 – 從前,有個荷里活 (Once Upon a Time in Hollywood)

Director: Quentin Tarantino
Writer: Quentin Tarantino
Stars: Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Margot Robbie
Length: 2h 41min

這電影有Brad Pitt及Leonardo DiCaprio,Brad Pitt是我一直喜愛的男演員,而近幾年Leonardo DiCaprio主演的幾齣電影,他也演得很出色,所以一看這電影上映,便入場觀看。

看罷電影才知道其中一位主角Margot Robbie飾演的Sharon Tate原來真有其人,是美國女演員,代表作包括Valley of the Dolls等,1968年初她嫁給了著名導演Roman Polanski,事業、婚姻兩得意,無奈1969年卻被邪教組織Manson Family闖入家中謀殺慘死,當時她懷有8個半月身孕,她的事蹟跟這次電影某部份劇情吻合。

電影中,Leonardo DiCaprio飾演的Rick Dalton,演藝事業開始走下坡,主角淪為反派。Brad Pitt飾演的Cliff Booth是Rick的御用替身,因Rick的事業走下坡,Cliff也被投閒置散,只能幫Rick做類似助手或司機的工作。

多年前,我就覺得Brad Pitt及Leonardo DiCaprio外型有點相似,不是說他們樣貌相似,而是大家也是走James Dean形象的路線,這次說Brad Pitt是Leonardo DiCaprio的御用替身,我覺得效果真的奇佳。

我對那個年代的荷里活不是太有認識,所以看這電影時也不算是太有感覺,三小時的故事是有點散亂,有點長,但還可接受。值得一讚是Leonardo DiCaprio的演技,一場是說Rick被Al Pacino飾演的Marvin Schwarzs游說拍意大利西部牛仔電影後,他跟Cliff訴說自己事業正處於低潮,那種無力、激動、憤慨,處理得很好。第二場是他因喝酒太多而忘記對白,情緒有點失控,後來他自我激勵,再跟小女演員Trudi拍罷一場戲後,被導演及Trudi極度稱讚,他當時的神情實在令我有很深刻的印象。Leonardo DiCaprio的演技在華爾街狼人已令我嘆為觀止,他已棄英俊小生形像多年,沒有包伏,戲路也廣,相信他未來會有更加多的代表作。

反觀Brad Pitt,雖然由Interview with the Vampire後,我一直鍾愛他,但他在這電影裡的演技實在不是太出眾,跟他以前的作品如Fight Club相差甚遠。不過,我還是會繼續支持Brad Pitt,希望他演技能有突破。

Jay Sebring: Is everyone okay?
Rick Dalton: Well… the fuckin’ hippies aren’t. That’s for goddamn sure.
Bruce Lee: My hands are registered as lethal weapons. We get into a fight, I accidentally kill you? I go to jail.
Cliff Booth: Anybody accidentally kills anybody in a fight, they go to jail. It’s called manslaughter.
When you come to the end of the line, with a buddy who is more than a brother and a little less than a wife, getting blind drunk together is really the only way to say farewell.
Jay Sebring: What happened to the intruders?
Rick Dalton: Well, Cliff took down two of them and I torched the last one with a flamethrower.
Jay Sebring: You did what?
Rick Dalton: Yeah, I torched her. I burnt her ass to a crisp.
Trudi: That was the best acting I’ve ever seen in my whole life.
Rick Dalton: Rick fuckin’ Dalton!
What did I always say? Most important thing in this town is, when you’re making money, you buy a house in town, you don’t rent. Eddie O’Brien taught me that. Hollywood real estate means you live here. You’re not just visiting, not just passing through, you f*cking live here. Here I am, flat on my *ss, and who do I got living next door to me? The director of Rosemary’s f*cking Baby, that’s who. Polanski’s the hottest director in town right now, probably the world! He’s my next door f*cking neighbor. Sh*t. I mean, who knows what can happen? Sh*t, I could be one pool party away from starring in a Polanski movie.Rick
Hey, you could do anything you want to him. Sh*t, throw him off a building, right? Light him on fire. Hit him with a Lincoln, right? Get creative. Do whatever you want. He’s just happy for the opportunity.Rick
You’re sitting there like a f*cking baboon, “Blah-blah-blah. Duh-duh-duh. Duh-duh-duh-duh.” f*ck! Eight f*cking whiskey sours. I couldn’t stop at f*cking three or four, I have eight?! Why? You’re a f*cking alcoholic, I drink too much! Every f*cking night, huh! Every f*cking night! Every f*cking night! That’s it. That’s f*cking it! That’s f*cking it. You stop drinking right now, alright? Promise yourself you’ll stop f*cking drinking.
You’re going to show that f*cking crew. You’re going to show that goddamn Jim Stacy. You’re going to show all of them on that goddamn f*cking set who the f*ck Rick Dalton is, alright?
Let me tell you something. You don’t get these lines right, I’m going to blow your f*cking brains out tonight. Alright? Your brains are going to be splattered all over your goddamn pool. I mean it, m*therf*cker. Get your sh*t together.Rick
Rick Dalton: You’re a good friend, Cliff.
Cliff Booth: I try.
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